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Do you remember when your grandparents used to ask you to look up a phone number in the Yellowbook? I do! Not very long ago, print marketing was it!  The Yellowpages, billboard ads, and commercials were the way people found businesses. Then the dot com boom happened, and businesses began to transition to online. The common phrase was (and still is to an extent) “Let’s Google it.” 

So what is the difference between today and 5 years ago? The way people are googling it. Five years ago, the norm was typing what you were looking for in a search engine (typically on a desktop). Today, voice search has taken over. You can ask your smartphone and even your home devices to look things up on the fly. Nobody questions when you say, “Hey Siri, where is the closest coffee shop?  Engagement today has moved to mobile. 

This is where Zapp Rabbit enters the picture. Search continues to transition, and Zapp Rabbit’s number one goal is to help businesses stay on top of the trends while protecting their topline.

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We live in a mobile world. Did you know that 84% of people search from their phones before purchasing or going to a business’s location? If your business has not been optimized for mobile-first search, you are losing customers. Our Google-focused approach combines technology with local search and reputation, and is geared to ramp up your results FAST.

Reputation + Engagement

Let your customer's testimony sell your product for you. Did you know that 79% of people look at your reputation before they purchase? 67% of people read at least one good review before purchasing? And 46% of people look at one bad review and how the business acknowledges that review before purchasing. Reviews matter--both good, bad, and the number of reviews matters.

SEM marketing

Building out paid sales funnels is a fabulous way to grow your business; however, throwing money away without the correct strategy is easy. Our team specializes in industry-specific paid-ad strategies, so no dollar goes to waste. We can tell you precisely what it costs for each phone call or email you receive. Your customer acquisition cost is a powerful tool in helping scale your business.

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